Wedding Music For A Civil Ceremony

Choosing your ceremony music but don’t know where to start or been so busy with everything else, you hadn’t had the time to even think about it?

Many people don’t realise until after their wedding, the enormity their chosen ceremony music will create in the memories of their big day. And yet in comparison, it is often given very little consideration compared to the rest of the planning.

If you are having a musician, such as a harpist or guitarist, you will be guided by their repertoire.

If you are going to use recordings the world is your oyster.

Take time to sit down as a couple. Make a list of your favourite songs that mean something to you. Explore playlists, old and new for those tunes that jump out at you, make you smile, bring a tear of joy to your eye. Unless it sets off emotion, bin it!

You now have a shortlist. From that you will have one or two absolute favourites. But, do they fit where you want them to?

Remember, for a civil ceremony, you are not permitted to use any song containing a religious context.

You will need:

Around 15 minutes worth of music to be playing whilst guests arrive and take their seats – Choose something that that will flow with your theme. Just background music not too heavy, you don’t want it to blend into your amazing entrance.

One song for your entrance. As well as creating the right emotion, this needs to be the right pace  you don’t want to be running down the aisle to keep up with the beat. Neither do you want something that is so slow it sounds somber. You want to be able to glide down that aisle with elegance.

Three songs for signing the register. Still keep these light but they can be a bit more upbeat than the music to seat guests. Choose songs that may trigger memories of you in some of your guests. Play them in order of preference, as you may not need the third, it depends how long your signing of the register takes. What you don’t want is to only choose 2 songs and have the music finish before you are ready.

One song for you to exit as a married couple. This can, pretty much, be any pace or tune that makes you happy. To accompany your beaming faces with smiles you just can’t hide.

Want that unique tune that will catch your guests attention?

Whilst there are many songs to choose from, it can get a bit repetitive hearing the same tunes at several weddings during one season. You have a ‘ special song’ and you are set on using it for your entrance, but the words sound ‘cheesy’ or it has become so popular, you feel it may have lost the impact you were looking for.
Why not take that English love song and listen to it in Spanish. Hearing a love song in another language gives it whole new class.

Some favourite wedding songs