Turning your wedding vision into reality is extremely time consuming and stressful, which can take away the feeling of excitement you should get from seeing it all come together.

That is where a planner and stylist comes in. As a planner I would meet with you to discuss your vision, if you have one, if you don’t have one we will build one together to compliment your personality.

Once you set a date, it is easy to run away with yourselves and before you know it, you have booked things you don’t really want and have no budget left for the things you do want.

I will draw up full budget and time management plans to avoid this.

By pairing your likes, dislikes and ‘must haves’ with your budget, I will seek out the suppliers I feel offer the best quality to suit your allocated budget for that specific item.

This is one of the most stressful steps on your journey. Not wanting to appear the Bridezilla, but at the same time needing to be sure to get what you want. Let me be your Bridezilla for you.

I will be totally aware that this is your dream we are building and my dream is to help you achieve yours with as little stress to you as possible.

This doesn’t take away your involvement. Once I have sourced and vetted suppliers I will introduce you to them and we can discuss what they have to offer.

When sourcing suppliers without a planner, Lots of couples find it difficult to say “no” and are easily pressured into add-ons or signing contracts with people they aren’t sure about. I will not let that happen. We will privately discuss and then I will contact the supplier to negotiate and book on your behalf.

There will, no doubt be ideas and new inspirations happening throughout the planning process. I can source these as they occur and manage your budget plan accordingly.

With endless researching I keep updated with what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ in the world of weddings.

Whether we find for you a stately home, a marquee or a barn style venue, styling of your venue will play a huge part in ‘wowing’ your guests and making yours a wedding they will remember forever.

Together we will build a look that is an extension of your personality and best suits the theme throughout.

Beautiful fabrics, crockery, glass wear, flowers and lighting are just a few things that can be required. Again I will aim to find the best value withought compromising on the quality.

8 weeks prior to the wedding is when a majority of the mundane chores begin, such as;

Scheduling logistics, making sure all suppliers are on track and understand the itinerary and their part in it,chasing up late RSVP’s for final numbers, ensuring caterers are aware of any guest dietary requirements and ironing out any last minute issues. So leave all that to me and spend your time, as you should, being pampered, relaxed and enjoying pre-wedding celebrations with your friends and family.

Your wedding day has arrived! As you have offloaded the stress of planning for this day, you can wake looking radiant with butterflies of love and excitement instead of the tell tale signs of stress, wondering what you have forgotten to do and what you still need to do before getting yourself ready.

You can get ready, at your leisure, knowing that all preparations are in hand. With my eye to detail and management skills your day will be dressed to perfection.

Your guests and yourselves will not need to worry about a thing. My team and I will oversee the whole day from start to finish. Your guests will all be given my contacts details should they have any problems.

Should any issues arise, there are inevitably a few at any wedding, I will be on hand with my ‘wedding emergency kit’ to solve mostly any mishap.